The most simple designs are sometimes the most elegant.
Recently, I found a vintage handmade leather purse. It is worn perfectly and boasts a soft texture.
It has a single pocket.
It is hands down, the best purse I have ever scored. Yet, its the most simple.
The minimalist elements make this purse extremely graceful but also raw.
I have tried to capture this feeling in photographs but have been unable to.


Last Weeks Finds

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. However, these hands were not idle. I have increased my inventory and wanted to share some cool finds with everyone!


Saxton Hall 1980s Red Wool Jacket

I love how unusual but stylish this jacket is.


1950s Forstmann Wool Coat with Mink Collar and Cuffs

I love how this coat is extremely classy yet simple.


Vintage Roper Western Shirt

The colors against this black shirt are so eye catching.

⸎⸎⸎⸎Vintage Livin’⸎⸎⸎⸎


I used to think of vintage clothes as a hobby belonging to the rich. Why buy a twenty year old jacket for the price of a new one at Ross or Old Navy? However, I have learned that buying vintage can be for anyone.

Often times, the quality of a vintage item far exceeds the quality of something new, especially when it comes to clothes.  Fast fashion has overtaken the clothing market and with these cheap mass produced clothes comes some very serious consequences including; slave or unsafe labor practices and a steep environmental impact.

In the end, it cost less to buy a made-to-last garment one time, instead of having to continually replace that sweater from H & M or Forever 21.

On a lighter note, buying vintage allows for a more unique wardrobe. There is something special about being able to wear a little piece of history.

So step into the world of helping the environment, withdrawing your support of unsafe labor practices within the realm of fast fashion, look cool, and in the end– save money.

I live rural Idaho, where vintage treasures are around every corner. The things that I find here went by the wayside a decade ago in many metropolitan areas. My business model is not to get top dollar for every item but to open the doors to quality made vintage goods to everyone.